The Novel Run

from Londonderry to Belfast, Northern Ireland

The first thing you'll notice about the run is the start goes by two names. Londonderry sits on the Foyle River, and Derry also sits on the Foyle River. It's the second largest city in Northern Ireland and the fourth largest on the island of Ireland. Despite the official name of Londonderry (according to the Royal Charter of 1662), the city is usually known by Derry.

Once you've sorted out the name, you'll begin your run heading east through the green hills and small farming roads of Northern Ireland. Your finish is Belfast, the capital on the other side of the island.

Northern Ireland is in the United Kingdom (with England, Scotland, and Wales) but Ireland is not. Variously described as a country, province, or region, Northern Ireland has a fascinating history and gorgeous scenery, both of which we'll explore by foot.