What makes it novel?

lots of things

Three map views
Befitting a triathlon, every participant has the possibility of seeing at least three map views of their progress. If you're a solo swimmer, for example, you can see your own personal progress, your log entries overlaid on a custom course, and the overall progress map of the swim. If you're competing in the team triathlon, you'll see your personal progress map, a team progress map, and the overall progress map of each discpline (that's five maps in total!). All maps update in real time, as efforts are logged.

Expansive leaderboards
There are leaderboards for each displine (swim, bike, and run) as well as the solo triathlon and team triathlon. Every leaderboard shows every participant, all the time... no paging or searching. You can filter the leaderboards by a variety of fields (age group, gender, etc.) and you can sort every column. All leaderboards update in real time, without the need to refresh your browser.

Fortnight Fridays
Long before it was a video game, "fortnight" meant a period of two weeks (from the Old English term ēowertyne niht, meaning "fourteen nights"). For the duration of The Novel CoronaTri, every other Friday we'll swap out the course maps for a period of 24 hours. We'll give you a new country to explore and new ideas for your next vacation, still showing the progress markers and other elements of the Challenge.

Bring your dog along
We recognize that many people run with their dog - and some swim with them, as well! If Fluffy would like to join you for this Challenge, tell us her name when you sign up and she'll be on the leaderboard with you. You can also reward your furry finisher with a custom dog tag at the end.

Teams of friends... or strangers
Would you like to expand your social circle while expanding your workouts? You can choose to compete in The Novel CoronaTri as a team of three friends... or on a team we put together for you. Sign up for the leg of your choice (swim, bike, or run) and select "Add me to a team." We'll match you up with the other two legs and you'll get to know two (real) people virtually while you complete the triathlon.

Motivational Markers
If you're not participating but would like to encourage your athlete, you can place a marker on the progress map for them (and all!) to see. Choose from a text-only marker, customized with your own words of inspiration, or a picture marker that allows the addition of an image of your choice. Order your marker here.

Your own personal course
In addition to the United Kingdom courses we've laid out for everyone, you can choose to add your own personal course while you compete. Select the option during registration and send us a GPX file of a similar distance for the leg(s) you're participating in. We'll create a map just for you and you'll have *two* personal progress maps to view as you log your miles.