Un-real triathlon for unreal times

These are unprecedented times. To describe these times the word "unprecedented" has been used an unprecedented number of times. In the midst of social distancing and unpatriotic masks, we give you virtual triathlon.

When you sign up for The Novel CoronaTri, you have many choices. You can sign up for one discipline (swim, bike, or run). You can sign up for all three. You can sign up a team with two of your friends, each completing one leg. Or you can sign up for a team and we will connect you with two strangers; you'll complete the triathlon together.

Each time you swim, bike, or run, you'll log your miles on your own personal webpage. Those miles will accumulate over time, and the maps and leaderboard will show your progress. Before you know it you'll have finished the course and completed the Challenge!

Leaderboards and Progress Maps for the individual discplines will show all competitors in that leg, regardless of whether you are competing in the entire triathlon or whether you are solo or on a team.

The Courses

where in the world

Swim from the Isles of Scilly to Penzance, England 41 mi
Bike UK tip to tip: from Penzance to John o' Groats 1,191 mi
Run from Londonderry to Belfast, Northern Ireland 123 mi
1,355 mi

What's so novel about it?

Change your virtual perspective

Like the platypus himself, this event is a different kind of animal. From Fortnight Fridays to Motivational Markers to hidden elements of the maps, you're not going to look at virtual events quite the same way again.